Design Features

Overall Cover Dimensions:

  • A. 29.8"
  • B. 40.1"
  • C. 3.1" top of ring to top of cover
  • D. 0.9" top of ring to bottom nut

System Weight:

  • Cover and Flange: 92 lbs.
  • Pneumatic Cylinder: 6 lbs.
  • Control Box: 17 lbs.

Overall Control Box Dimensions:

  • E. 9.7"
  • F. 6.9"
  • G. 6.5"
  • H. 6.3"
  • Weather tight seal even when not pressurised.
  • Lowest profile design, consequently, there is typically no change in the overall height of tanker.
  • Manufactured from durable machined billet (Type 6061) aluminum for precision and the highest operating pressure ratings.
  • Food grade seals available.
  • Lid slides open supported by a HDPE replaceable slide pivoted on non-load bearing hinge pin, thus reducing wear.
  • A vacuum is applied to the seal when it is deflated, retracting the seal into the lid. This minimises scuffing and wear and extends seal life and reliability.
  • DOT approved pneumatic fittings.
  • The scraper and purge functions minimize buildup, reduce maintenance and extend seal life and reliability.
  • Multiple cover operation from one Control Box, up to 4 hatches on a truck unit can be individually controlled.
  • Standard operating pressure of 2 bar with units capable of operating at 2.5 bars for rail tankers and specific applications
  • Light-weight aluminum construction and bolt on design means you require minimal structural modifications to your tankers.
  • Flip over lid for ease of maintenance and replacement of seal.
  • Easy installation to new tankers or can easily be retrofitted to existing vehicle. Installation only takes 3 to 4 man hours using basic tools and components supplied.
  • Bundled PVC sheathed airlines for ease of installation, providing abrasion and UV protection. Extremely low consumption of compressed air.
  • Safety Feature - If tanker is opened when pressurized, the seal will deflate and it will be very noisy and dusty. However, until the tanker pressure drops below approx. 5 PSI, and it is safe to open the hatch, the pneumatic cylinder is unable to open the hatch fully.
  • Optional dust control flange gasket.
  • Cylinder is not energized when seal is inflated, thereby extending cylinder life.