Trucking is an industry tied into time. Delivery time, load times, downtime, time on the road and off it. Anything that costs time, like congestion and repairs, is an issue. Anything that saves time gives you and your company an edge. With Pivotal Edge automated hatches, you can open, load and close, from ground level, with just the touch of a pneumatic button. It's so quick that if this was a pit stop for drink at your local pub, your mates would think it was downright rude.


Hatch opening and closing time are slashed from about 7 -10 minutes to 15 seconds.

This means:
  • Loading times - SLASHED
  • Cycle times - CUT
  • Congestion at cement depots - REDUCED
  • On time deliveries - IMPROVED
  • Tanker utilisation - INCREASED

Why is it quicker?

Compare the two processes

Manual Manhole Cover
A painful 10 step process
1 Climb up stairs to loading platform
2 Lower loading platform
3 Open manhole cover manually, which requires bending, working below foot level and exerting considerable physical force
4 Climb down platform stairs to ground level
5 Remove yourself to safe zone
6 Tanker is loaded
7 Climb up stairs to loading platform
8 Close manhole cover manually, which again requires bending, working below foot level and exerting considerable physical force
9 Lift loading platform
10 Climb down platform stairs to ground level and leave depot
Pivotal Edge Hatches
As easy as 1,2,3
1 Open manhole cover from ground level by pushing button
2 Remove yourself to safe zone
3 Close hatches with the touch of a button and leave depot

How much time will it save?

We'll let the numbers do the talking with these examples.

Tanker Operator Time and Costs Savings Using Pivotal Edge Scenario
Single Tanker Metro Deliveries B-Double Tanker - Country Deliveries
12 Hr Shifts/Day (No.) 1 1
Number loads per day per 12 hr Shift (Loads) 3 1.5
Time to Open & Close Manual Hatches (min) 8 12
Time Saved Day (Hrs) 0.38 0.28
Month (Hrs) 9.0 6.6
Year (Hrs) 104 76
Cost Savings Month $1125 $1155
Year $12,938 $13,283
Full Return on Investment (ROI) Month 6.0 11.7
Cement Depot - Reduced Congestion
Split of Tankers Loaded Singles (%) 75%
B-Doubles (%) 25%
Number of Tankers which can be loaded per hour Manual Hatch (min) 1.6
Pivotal Edge (min) 2.1
Number of tankers loaded per 8 hour shift Manual Hatch (No.) 19.7
Pivotal Edge (No.) 25.6
Number of Tankers which can be loaded per hour Increased Productivity

Reduced Congestion
(%) 30%

Yes, you read that correctly - a single tanker driver will save 104 hours per annum. Depot congestion is slashed by 30% reduced costs, improving on-time deliveries and reducing fatigue. So make the time to call today and save time for years to come. Phone 02 8315 8440 now… or read on to learn more about the benefits of Pivotal Edge hatches.

How much time does it take to fit?

Pivotal Edge hatches take about three to four man hours to install - and you can DIY - that means less time off the road. No specialty tools required. See the installation guide in the resources section.

What about cleaning?

No one likes cleaning - so Pivotal Edge hatches do it for you. The scrapper and purge functionality mean the manhole lip is cleaned on sealing, ensuring low wear on seal and improving sealing reliability, whilst minimizing the need to clean the manhole lip. That's less time cleaning.

So, what's stopping you?

Pivotal Edge automated hatches are:

  • QUICK to fit
  • QUICK opening
  • QUICK closing
  • QUICK to clean

Do you have a need for an innovative solution for your business?

Call 02 8315 8440 and talk to our team today.